Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Location Scouting: Dawn Ranch Lodge

The Locally Grown Weddings team accompanied one of our fabulous clients, Angela, to Dawn Ranch Lodge for a site visit. Dawn Ranch is located in Guerneville in a small enclave just off of the Russian River. It is a picturesque location for a wedding. The best way to describe it, is to just think of the movie Dirty Dancing.

Guest cottages overlooking the meadow.

We met with current owner, Micheal, who shared some of the history of the site. Dawn Ranch, formerly know as Murphy's Ranch, was established as a summer getaway for San Francisco families in the early 1900's. The practice at the time was for wives to take their children out of the city for a couple months each summer.  They would travel by train, the only means of transportation to the ranch at the time, and their husbands would come out to visit at the weekends. It was not a luxury resort by any means, but a quaint relaxing get away from busy city life.

The property is an amazing venue with all the amenities for a beautiful wedding. Just imagine it in spring and summer, when the foliage will be abundant and the flowers and apple trees will be in full bloom.

When you have your wedding at Dawn Ranch you are invited to rent out the entire property; which can accommodate approximately 120 guests. The cottages in which your guests will stay are so quaint and cute, they will want to live here year round!

A row of some of the cottages and Sadie and Madeline taking a break from the tour.

The main pool. 

Aurora captured the Locally Grown Weddings team brainstorming to ensure all the details of Angela's wedding would be just right.

Dawn Ranch epitomizes that effortless California style that so many designers, and brides gravitate to.


Additionally Dawn Ranch Lodge is a relaxing place to have a drink, or a lively place where your guests can listen to music and revel in the joy of your wedding.

Not only was this a productive trip for Angela and the Locally Grown Weddings team but a great way to see such a lovely venue away from the busy season, when there is peace and quiet before the place is full of guests, preparing for all the festivities afoot.