Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Poetry Store: 5 Questions for Silvi Alcivar

We absolutely love Silvi Alcivar's Poetry Store. What an amazing idea! So we asked our favorite poet to answer 5 questions and tell us a bit more about who she is and what she does. 

 How did you get your start?

I was a writer who wasn’t writing so I set myself to a manageable task: write just three minutes a day. To save myself from distractions, I used my typewriter.  For inspiration I would literally open up the dictionary, pick a word, and write.  I soon realized that in three minutes or less I was able to create a complete little poem. Someone said I should try selling them. So I took my writing desk, some upcycled paper, and my typewriter and wrote and sold poems at an event. People loved it and I loved doing it! It’s been almost 4 years now and what I do and how I do it has just continued to grow. 

What do you love about working with brides?

I’m always honored when brides choose to have the poetry store wedding booth as part of the celebration, especially because of the intimate way I get to be part—listening to stories from the bride’s friends and family and then creating the gift of a poem. What a joy it is to help add a personal touch to an already special day! Plus, brides and I have a lot in common—we’re excited, attentive to details, and wanting to give guests something truly memorable and one of a kind.  

Why green?

Because there are so many things to reuse! And upcycling is fun and rewarding! It feels so good to reuse frames and turn birthday wrapping paper, old greeting cards, or calendars into the paper I use to write poems on. Not only is reusing a great way to reduce waste, the aesthetic result is often quite charming. DIY, shopping local, going green is where it’s at!

Do you only write poems at weddings?

The poetry store loves loves loves weddings and does events of all kinds—bridal and baby showers, birthdays, retirements, memorials, art openings, corporate parties, you name it! Also, I remind brides it’s possible to have poetry at the wedding  via custom gifts and d├ęcor, like poem in a bottle favors, poetry art center pieces, poetry necklaces, poetry thank you’s, and more. 

How do you work with the team of Locally Grown Weddings?

We share a passion for weddings that create a personalized experience that’s low on environmental impact and high on fun and memorability.  It’s an ethos of loving what you do, being mindful of the earth, and knowing that little things can give great gifts to those around you. 

Photo credits from the top:

1. Poet at Work by Misti Layne 
2. The Poetry Store's Desk by Meg Perotti
3. Paper by Silvi Alcivar
4. For Sam and Alicia by Silvi Alcivar