Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet Tammy Foxx, Bridal Fitness Coach

We asked out favorite bridal fitness coach to share a little about Tammy answers 5 questions about herself and her passion for fitness and weddings.

1. How did you become a Bridal Personal Trainer?

Eating healthy and being fit has been a passion of mine for most of my life.  Like a lot of women, when I hit my 30s I gained a few extra pounds.  I decided to do something about it and hired a personal trainer.  It was such a great experience that I decided if I ever made a career change, I would become a Personal Trainer myself.  The experts always say if you want to go in business for yourself, pick something you enjoy doing.  Well, I love working out and like most women, I LOVE weddings.  At the time I was researching my new career, I discovered there was only one other personal trainer in the entire country who specialized in working with brides, and she was in Detroit.  That’s when I decided to launch Bridal Fitness Coach.

2. What do you love most about bridal fitness?

Brides are great to work with because they have a specific goal in mind…LOOKING BEAUTIFUL ON THEIR WEDDING DAY!  They are perfect clients, because they are committed and focused.  I’ve trained brides solo, brides and grooms and brides with their moms.  Training a bride with a partner is especially rewarding because they keep each other motivated.  Also, working out with a partner is a great way to draw closer together.



3. Why green?

Being a green business in this day and age is very simple to do.  So, why not do my part?  Some of the ways I do my part are to encourage my clients to eat organic foods and grass fed and pastured meats as much as possible.  Also, I try to run a paperless office by generating as little waste as possible.

4. Do you only train brides and bridal parties?

I work with women in every stage of life…single, dating, getting married, already married, young, middle-age, seniors, fit, plus-size, recovering from injuries, etc.  However, 75% of my client base is brides and bridal parties.

5. What is your role in Locally Grown Weddings and how do you work with the team?

I love Locally Grown Weddings! We share the same passion for what we do, commitment to our brides and the environment. As a bridal fitness coach, I enjoy my role in preparing brides (and grooms!) to look and feel their best on their wedding day. I know that Locally Grown Weddings sees to it that the big day is truly unforgettable.

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