Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Renee and Sean's Engagement

We are getting ready for Renee and Sean's wedding at the end of the month at Campovida in Hopland, we can't wait!

While each and every wedding is unique (of course!), this wedding is particularly special because of a personal connection we have to the couple.  Renee and Sean are longtime friends with Chef Stephanie. In fact, it was working in the kitchen at Millennium Restaurant that the 3 chefs met each other and 2 of them fell in love! Sean is now the award winning executive chef at Gather in Berkeley and Renee is the personal chef to one very lucky Bay Area family.

This wedding promises to be really really cool! The theme is healthy, luscious, organic, yummy wedding, but we won't say anything more about it. Sadie, Madeline and Pei-Yee are working hard to make this a very special day. You will have to wait and look for the pictures on this blog some time in the Fall.

In the meantime, Aurora went to Ben Lomond, near Santa Cruz, to take pictures at Lindencroft Farm, a special place for Sean and Renee both.

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Photography: Aurora Meneghello

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